Thanks for choosing Surf services to enjoy affordable, fast internet. We’re excited to announce that Surf’s network has been acquired by BRCK, a Kenyan internet service provider who is also focused on lowering the cost of delivering internet to users like you. We’ve listed a few common Q&A’s below to ensure you understand what’s happening.


  • What’s happening?

    • Surf’s network is now owned and operated by BRCK.com, a Kenyan service provider focused on lowering the cost of connecting Africa to the Internet. This should have no short term impact on how customers use the network. Surf will cease to exist as a company.

  • What happens to active bundles or subscriptions I have with Surf’s services?

    • No need to worry! We’ll still continue to operate the network and all bundles and credits will be honored as normal.

  • Will anything change on the customer support side?

    • No, our customer care line will remain the same. Please feel free to continue to reach out to us whenever you need help.

  • What if I’m a Surfspot or ExpressWifi agent or a host for Surf?

    • The change in ownership will not affect any terms of any agreements you have with Surf.

  • What if I have more questions?

    • Please feel free to contact us at 0709313100 or read more about this